Then Everyone Should Have A Gun.

I don’t just mean everyone should have the right to own a gun as the justices and the NRA suggest. I mean everyone gets issued a gun. This IS what they really want right? That IS the purpose in their decision right? Everyone should have a gun? I doubt it. Let’s look at it anyway.

If everyone had a gun on the day of the Virginia Tech killings how many less people would have been killed? How many would he have shot if everyone had a gun one, maybe two before everyone would have opened fire back at him?

What about the redneck killing 5 people at the plastics factory in Kentucky? He might have shot the first victim (supervisor) before all the rest of the workers riddled him with bullets.

The point is for everyone to own guns for their protection right?

We can see how it would have changed the outcome in almost every shooting in America. Ahhhh if only everyone had a gun.

Let’s move on to the next category. I am driving down the road and there is some clown driving right on my rear bumper. What to do? If I slow down they will hit me forcing me off the road and possibly a fatal injury. So I open up the glove box, reach in for my 9mm, turn and shoot. If lucky I will kill him first. That way no one else will have to be afraid for their life because this person is an aggressive driver. Self protection, what do you think?

Then there is the workplace, the subway, little league games, Supreme Court Justices chambers. Now there’s a good one! They affect millions of lives. So, in self protection, if I was a “Left OF Center” thinking Supreme Court judge and there was a major decision to be made, say on automobile safety, and it affected the safety and lives of millions of Americans, then I would be protected under the 2nd Amendment if I shot and killed at least one of the conservative judges correct? Hell, it would be my duty as an American to shoot him!

So, I say to Justice Antonin Scalia, you better be quicker than the next guy.


4 thoughts on “Then Everyone Should Have A Gun.

  1. If you shoot at a vehicle with a 9mm, it’s not going to do a whole lot of good. You at least need a 40 caliber. Most law enforcement agencies have adopted the 40 as opposed to the 9mm because it is more effective.

  2. I know you recognize that I was being facetious, but, the fact of the matter is that gun control has no effect on the criminal element. We need the capacity to protect ourselves. It would be nice if we lived in a world where we could be safe and our children be free from harm and danger. But, we don’t. I DO NOT intend for my family to be harmed by some subhuman vermin when I have to capacity to do something about it. I will kill in order to protect the life of my grandchildren, wife, innocent parties, etc. Without remorse and hesitation. I also won’t apologize or piss and moan about the necessity of it. There are folks that need killing.

  3. What Heller means is that you as a citizen can provide for your own defense. I understand the Left’s fear of gun violence. However they forget what Ike said “The law can’t change people’s hearts, but it can restrain the heartless.” If the heartless want to ‘jack your stuff and trash your home (with you in it), big gov can’t really stop them.

    I have a disabled wife, two children under six years old. In my hometown the police were ~ 30-40 away if you lived in the city limits. My family lived 10 miles outside the little New Mex. town I grew up in. I moved to Jacksonville Fl, where the cops can be WORSE than the crooks and help can be hours away. Thanks to SCOTUS, I can defend my home (no not blow people away if they look at me crosswise).

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