Putin Maybe Correct

Not that I want to give much time to Vladimir Putin. His purpose in life, for years, was to take control of the vast reserves of gas and oil and then hold the west by the short and curlies. Whenever threatened to be thrown out of the “Old Boys Clubs” all he need to do is have his photograph taken near a large oil valve. Europe will then vote his way.

This time however he might have let something slip. Immediately following their crushing the Georgian’s mis-guided attack of South Ossetia, Putin claimed that the Georgians were blindly led to believe they had the west (specifically the U.S.) behind them and were nudged into attacking Georgia. The reason? To show the world, and again specifically the people of the United States, that there was yet another “dangerous” place in the world that needed the protection only a “Hawkish Republican” with military experience could provide. Sound ridiculous?  Maybe.

What Putin’s thoughts didn’t provide was how he would come to this conclusion. McCain had been to Georgia several months before on a European tour unlike that of Obama’s but with much less fanfare. Actually it was much more subdued to avoid major media intentionally. It is quite possible his visits were to stir up enough dust with the use of our military trainers to make Georgia think they could take South Ossetia without any loss or casualty.

So how is it then Mikheil Saakashvili thought he could defeat the huge army of Russians rolling into Georgia? Because he didn’t know they were there. He had no idea there were that many tanks and troops sitting just beyond South Ossetia. Why? We didn’t tell him. Oh we knew. We just failed to tell him. Even I could have gone on Google Earth and told him how many tanks Russia had to the north. He depended on us, all of the west, to support him even if he was wrong. Russia simply took advantage of the situation and presidential hopeful John McCain gained 8 valuable points in the polls scaring American citizens into believing only he had the qualifications to be “Commander in Chief”.