Southern Racism is Alive and Well

To answer all those not living in the south, Jimmy Carter isn’t talking about all whites just southern, “Dixie,” good ole boy, redneck whites. If you don’t live here, and I mean in the good ole boy, redneck south, don’t comment because you will be uninformed.

I travel in my work. There isn’t a day go by I don’t see a confederate flag. And don’t give me some crap about it being “Heritage, not Hate.” That’s nonsense. To an African American it’s the same as a swastika. That’s why rednecks fly them. Ask a redneck down here, they will gladly tell you they hate niggers and would gladly kill the one in the White House.

Many areas down here haven’t changed since the early 60’s. Again, ask them and they will tell you, “The South Shall Rise Again!” And you simple minded, midwest, northern, northwestern people think you understand? You don’t have a clue. Then you want to allow these fools to own guns? What are you nuts?! Come to Dixie, I mean the real south.