My thoughts and a gathering of others concerning politics, the environment and injustice around the world. Personally I am a hopeless third party advocate.

“Government is the Entertainment Division of the military-industrial complex.” – Frank Zappa


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Waiting for a revolution is a sad thing. Why do people sing and dance? Why do we love to hear singers, and see dancers? It is sad that we need to protect ourselves sometimes, but I don’t relish revolution. I rather see people using their talents to show the path we need to follow.

  2. hoboduke,the revolution is very simple,yet hard!!each one of us must totally change all tthe ways of living,by dropping the insane “american mind f’s&way of life,which means non longer being part of this evil capital/money as god that has&is destroying this planet&directly by our consuming way too much in this evil capitalistic system that is directly causing millions of deaths of inocent humans world wide!!!!so my friend to begin the revolution,take stock of all the useless you consume daily that is not really needed to enjoy a happy&fruitful life that this evil system has brainwashed to to believe “you can’t live without”and when millions upon millions simply stop taking part in this insane system it will collaspe on its own!! ho ka hey/it is a good time to live

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