Jobs Without EPA: Just What You Asked For


Chinese or English?

Almost the entire corporate world has not only been supporting the Republican Party but financing it as well. This is not news, merely a reminder. It is also nothing new to report that China, during the Bush administration, bought “boat-loads” of Treasury Bills financing the Iraq War––just putting this into perspective. It is also proving out that many of those corporations that moved into China namely WalMart have a great deal of interest in what happens there. It is no wonder that an executive with WalMart advised the Bush administration in how to finance his war selling China those T-Bills.

Now we are in the situation where we cannot push China any further on trade, climate change, or international waters. Again this too is becoming common knowledge. What is coming to light recently, as published on CBS web site, is China’s use of power and influence in direct questioning of Obama’s use of government funds, hence China’s investment. They want to know what the cost and savings potentials are for “health care,” Obama’s tax cuts, military spending, etc… All of these things have the potential to undermine their investment, therefore they feel they have the right to question them and advise, sometimes strongly, on how they feel the money should be spent.


That’s right China feels like it is their money being spent and they have the right to manipulate those in power, even if it means aligning with politicians that might agree, in order to do so. So the next time a Republican candidate, or corporate mouthpiece with investments in China, is screaming that Obama’s health care is costing Americans too much, you should be asking that representative is he is speaking in English or Chinese translated into English?