We Need a Third Party NOW!

We are in a crisis situation. Both parties in both houses are killing us. The polarization is just about at critical mass. The two party system in this country is dead. We MUST create and begin voting for a third party as soon as possible. Writers have been talking about losing moderates. Why? The conservative southern Democrats and the liberal northern Republicans cannot survive. Why? What they need to do is get together, decide they are not that far apart and go after the majority of voter in this country –– independents.

J.C. Adamson on his blog The Muser, states, “We can’t change Congress by swapping Democrats and Republicans. To change Congress, we have to change congress.”

It is time we looked at the far left and say, “It’s not doable”. Then listen to the fanatical nonsense coming out of the mouths of the far right and say, “That’s just ridiculous.” Then we come together and look at what we can keep, what is good for the most amount of people, what makes sense. Look at this with reason as our forefathers did before it is too late.