Everyone Should Own A Gun -Part III

If 340 people died in a plane crash the FAA would shut down that airline.

3400 people died in the World Trade Center Sept. 11 and we went to war.

34,000 people die every year in America from  gun related deaths and we call it the Second Amendment.

Yeah Baby!



(CNN) — A ninth-grade student was in custody Saturday and charged with murder after he allegedly shot a classmate in the back of the head at their northern Alabama middle school, authorities said.

Several months ago I posted a blog concerning the redneck solution to our handgun problems in America. Statistics in the entire United Kingdom showed 91 deaths by a gun in 2007, only 51 in 2008, in Japan there was all of 3. The United States averages over 30,000 gun related deaths per year! What is the redneck solution? Everyone owns a gun. Remember the guy in the shopping mall who shot some eight people? If everyone owned a handgun, how many would it have been two, three tops. The Virginia Tech shooting? The same two, three, maybe four killed.

Now if the whole point in owning a handgun is for protection, and the redneck solution is EVERYONE should own one, what happens to one of the most important groups – our children? How will they protect themselves? How can we send them off to school without the protection of being armed as in our warm home sweet home?

That’s right! Expand the category. Spread the wealth of knowledge and security to all the family and arm the children as well. However this may get a bit expensive and sometimes children can be a little absent-minded and forgetful. We wouldn’t want them leaving a handgun on the bus or forgetting it at the mall. That would be no good at all.

So, rather than waste tax dollars on useless computers, and advanced technology that might bring our children out of the redneck dark-ages, we spend that money on a handgun for every child. That’s right, each day the student arrives at school, he or she picks up her handgun and carries it to class. We could even get rid of all those pesky metal detectors. That would save millions of education dollars nationwide.

With all the influence the NRA has on legislation in this country, maybe we could get them to donate the handguns to the school systems. That would be great public relations and could get rid of all those “Saturday night specials” floating around. When the student becomes a senior the principal and school superintendent could present them with the handgun they have carried and cared for all those years giving that student a great start in life, you know, not having to buy their first weapon.

Then Everyone Should Have A Gun.

I don’t just mean everyone should have the right to own a gun as the justices and the NRA suggest. I mean everyone gets issued a gun. This IS what they really want right? That IS the purpose in their decision right? Everyone should have a gun? I doubt it. Let’s look at it anyway.

If everyone had a gun on the day of the Virginia Tech killings how many less people would have been killed? How many would he have shot if everyone had a gun one, maybe two before everyone would have opened fire back at him?

What about the redneck killing 5 people at the plastics factory in Kentucky? He might have shot the first victim (supervisor) before all the rest of the workers riddled him with bullets.

The point is for everyone to own guns for their protection right?

We can see how it would have changed the outcome in almost every shooting in America. Ahhhh if only everyone had a gun.

Let’s move on to the next category. I am driving down the road and there is some clown driving right on my rear bumper. What to do? If I slow down they will hit me forcing me off the road and possibly a fatal injury. So I open up the glove box, reach in for my 9mm, turn and shoot. If lucky I will kill him first. That way no one else will have to be afraid for their life because this person is an aggressive driver. Self protection, what do you think?

Then there is the workplace, the subway, little league games, Supreme Court Justices chambers. Now there’s a good one! They affect millions of lives. So, in self protection, if I was a “Left OF Center” thinking Supreme Court judge and there was a major decision to be made, say on automobile safety, and it affected the safety and lives of millions of Americans, then I would be protected under the 2nd Amendment if I shot and killed at least one of the conservative judges correct? Hell, it would be my duty as an American to shoot him!

So, I say to Justice Antonin Scalia, you better be quicker than the next guy.