The Stealing of America

America is under siege. We have allowed a few wealthy corporate executives to hijack our country. The past administration, under the veil of the “War on Terror,” met with and helped negotiate the theft of everything decent in this country. EPA regulations were ignored polluting our air, water and lands. Corporate laws were changed in order to allow our jobs to move over seas for cheaper labor and more profits, abandoning our local communities, cities, our country, but more importantly the American worker. However, probably the worst thing that could have happened is that they bought and paid for at least two Supreme Court judges, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, and probably Clarence Thomas, Allowing unlimited corporate political spending. This all but guarantees their choices will have the funding and support in order to gain ALL the power as they continue to fleece Americans.

We gave up our choices when we allowed the last set of criminals to plant a cancer in a part of this country’s body that became so embarrassing we didn’t want to talk about it. Now that it has surfaced we are too afraid to talk about it. Liberals know what has happened and realize they didn’t do anything to stop it. Conservatives, those with the capacity, are too proud to admit they were lied to and continue to rally around their conservative candidates regardless of how bad they are getting raped. There is no stopping this shy of a full blown, in the streets revolution.

A third party is desperately needed to stop this madness, to plead with those who can listen to reason, to do the things this country needs that benefit the most amount of people and eliminate all the wasteful spending that detracts from good health care, education, Social Security, and Medicare. These are the things that are important, things we need. They can be paid for if you eliminate everything else. There are literally thousands of incredibly expensive and ridiculous programs bankrupting the essential, critical programs we need. They deliberately convinced the masses through “Goebbels style” propaganda to ignore the costs of all the things the few and wealthy want and that we need to eliminate the “mainstay” policies that this country needs.

We need an investigation into those meeting between Dick Cheney and all the corporations during his rein of terror. We need an investigation into the connection between the Supreme Court Judges and the corporate world. Most important we need to stop the economic free-fall the most elite have thrown us into. No one is immune, only the most wealthy will survive. Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Asians are now victims of our ignorance and lack of involvement. There will be no middle class. It has not been moved as some suggest. It is being eliminated.