I was on the road the other day when I passed through a NASCAR racing town. Hundreds of huge SUVs, campers, and motor homes were now piling out onto the highway. These are mainly conservative Republicans that attend these events along with rabid “Tea Party” advocates. How do I know? It’s written all over their vehicles as bumper stickers. There were all kinds, mainly anti-Obama in nature. Some were just pro Tea Party.

The ones that caught my eye were the most honest and party describing statements. Number one, on more than one SUV, was “DON’T RENIG IN 2012.” They’re not racist in nature, of course. These were generally on one side of the vehicle and “Join the Virginia Tea Party,” or “Follow Me to a Tea Party,” on the other. So I did. I followed a couple of them to a near-by rest area and just walked around the temporary tailgate Tea Party going on.

After a few minutes I began to ask some questions like, “What is the single most important statement you could make?” “No taxes! Get the government off our backs! Eliminate entitlement programs like Social Security, Welfare!” OK so that was more than one. I found someone who wasn’t yelling and asked the same question. He was a bit more reserved. He said, “We really do want to return to the days of being fiscally conservative. We do indeed want to eliminate taxes and shrink government like Reagan.”

I immediately responded with, “Do you want to be fiscally conservative, or like Reagan?” Blank stare. OK then what about the military? “We must return to having a strong military as Reagan did.” How about climate change? “That’s been proven false hasn’t it?” he replied. I think most of you are “Pro-Life” correct? “Yep, I would think.” “So then what do you think about Ron Paul changing his mind on Social Security and Medicare?” I asked. “He wants to eliminate them both like Reagan did.” I responded with, “But Reagan didn’t even try to eliminate them, and Ron Paul just acknowledged that over half of all Tea Party followers have grey hair.” Again silence. This gentleman was in his fifties.

“So what are you some sort of communist?” “No,” I replied, “Worse, I am a journalist. One last thing, you plan on eliminating taxes, shrinking government to nothing correct? Then are your soldiers going to have to buy their own guns, or are you going to have bake sales stuff like that?” Silence……….then “F**K YOU!”

That’s it? That’s the best response you have? He just walked off and started pointing at me with his friends.